To be a prayerful people filled with the desire and commitment to not only be partakers of Christ’s body and blood, but to become and live as the body and blood of Christ. To serve at the table of the Lord, by offering gifts of the body and blood of Christ to the faith community.

Eucharistic Ministers

The liturgy is a public act of worship that the Church gives to God. The ministry of the Altar Server is to assist the priest on the altar while growing closer to God in one’s own life. Through service on the Altar, servers help the congregation to better understand the Mass. Further through the servers’ witness, they help to strengthen the community’s love for God.

Altar Server Ministry

Every Lector is to convey God’s Holy Word as a messenger sharing and serving in the work of the Lord’s Spirit so that the Word challenges, comforts and captures the hearts of His people so all will turn to the Lord with a new Heart. In order to have an impact on the congregation as a Lector, every Lector will take their position seriously and display a genuine love for the Word of God.